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Default Re: The all things technical thread.

Originally Posted by SkillspayBills View Post
Good point, when the speed goes how do you see Nonito doing? can he settle and become more settled and steady behind the abc's of boxing. Or you think he might struggle?.
I think he has enough sound fundamentals to get him by. He has a good set up, good footwork, throws punches properly etc. But what he'll struggle with is avoiding punches like he does now and baiting fighters with his reflexes and athleticism. He won't get away with leading with hooks for example like does now as much. Although Donaire is a bit of a chameleone as we like to say, i've actually seen him practising little things and different styles and stances in fights. And unlike a lot of fighters who rely on athleticism, he can roll with punches properly. We saw how he could sit on the ropes in his last fight in spots. Make you miss and make you pay in a conventional style. I think he has the ability and adaptability skills to change up his style, if his legs and reflexes slow down. But he'll definitely get hit more. It maybe starting to happen already now, and inactivity is probably a part of that. For someone with his style he needs to stay sharp. But he has a good mix of athletcism/reflexes and sound fundamentals to not fall off suddenly.
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