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Default Re: The all things technical thread.

Originally Posted by pathmanc1986 View Post
the charlie burley video was an absolute treat and it got me thinking too.

no good cutting the ring off. no defence aside from holding hands high and the poor tyson impression. people dont catch shots with the open glove anymore (maybe more difficult since thumbs became attached), not much slipping, bending at the waist thinking its defence but really just getting out of position because fighters cant use subtle footwork instead of the ridiculous 'bouncing' thats become the fashion.

sound like that ****a fleaman but bloody hell boxing is the worse for it. (styles make fights as we know, and with loads of similar styles, less good fights)
Totally agree P, It's really sad. Even likes of Paul Ingle had some skills and method to madness.

Originally Posted by 'Ben' View Post
I think Khan's footwork isn't all that great either (obviously better than Maidanda's) when he is put under pressure he runs... and I mean literally! a fighter at his level shouldn't run. Against an aggresive fighter he should by now be relaxed enough to just pivot around and take a step to the side (prime Roy Jones is a perfect example of this sort of move) it can take a fighter, even one with good footwork themselves off their game... and also leaves them open to being hit with whatever you want.

Khan also shockingly doesn't seem to know how to throw a simple one - two combination coming forward? he always seems to wait too long before he throws his first jab after he has taken the step forward, it's really simple stuff. David Haye is a perfect example of how to do this correctly. Some of Khan's game is so amateur like it's incrdible. It's his amazing speed, conditioning and no doubt top level sparring at the wildcard which has got him where he is. I hope he improves.
He has happy feet, the kid is extremely nervous before bouts if you watch his reaction to beating MAB it's relief. He fights off nervous energy and the problem is he's so ingrained into amateur style of boxing he's struggled to adapt to professional fighting aka the hurt business.

Roach for all his good work, hasn't developed other aspects of Amir's game such as inside work and educated footwork.

I think to much of Roach's work is catered to the opponent and how to beat the opponent. Amir's got a lot of temporary aspects to game that i felt might of been used for 1-2 fights but seem to be used all the time such as covering up earmuffs head down and hope for best.

Originally Posted by slip&counter View Post
I think he has enough sound fundamentals to get him by. He has a good set up, good footwork, throws punches properly etc. But what he'll struggle with is avoiding punches like he does now and baiting fighters with his reflexes and athleticism. He won't get away with leading with hooks for example like does now as much. Although Donaire is a bit of a chameleone as we like to say, i've actually seen him practising little things and different styles and stances in fights. And unlike a lot of fighters who rely on athleticism, he can roll with punches properly. We saw how he could sit on the ropes in his last fight in spots. Make you miss and make you pay in a conventional style. I think he has the ability and adaptability skills to change up his style, if his legs and reflexes slow down. But he'll definitely get hit more. It maybe starting to happen already now, and inactivity is probably a part of that. For someone with his style he needs to stay sharp. But he has a good mix of athletcism/reflexes and sound fundamentals to not fall off suddenly.
Yeah i agree with this.

I loved his early work on Saturday, got a lot to improve on which is scary .
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