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Default Re: The all things technical thread.

Originally Posted by slip&counter View Post
I've given up on some of Khan's flaws. I don't think he can change them as they're too ingrained.

He should just concentrate on what he CAN change.

Two things for me that he can work on and improve.

- Work on his feet, get better educated footwork and learn to box in tight circles. For a man who relies on his feet so much it's criminal how bad his footwork is. He also circles into punches and goes far too wide, giving off a running impression and trapping himself in pressure points. So he can at least learn to box in tighter circles and get underneath big shots.

- Vary the speed and look of his punches. Khan's main advantage is his speed. He's giving this up by fighting at the same pace CONSTANTLY. He needs to throw curve ***** and mix up his attack in terms of how fast he's throwing his punches. What's happening now is his opponents are getting used to his speed after a while and figure him out because everything is being done at one pace. Like a fast bawler in cricket ALWAYS throwing the same fast ***** in the same position of the pitch at the batsman. Eventually the batsman is ganna get used to that pace attack and start hitting him all over the pitch. That what's happening to Khan. He needs to vary the speed of his punches. Take something off them and then put something on. I guarentee he would get more stoppages because the suprise element would be there and he would also keep people off him.

There's a couple other things he can improve. Like learning how to avoid certain punches such as the uppercut, but the rest that people go on about is kind of academic at this stage because it's too chronic and deep-rooted. It will ALWAYS be in him.
Khan doesn't have gears. I think he is an automatic.
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