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Default Re: the what fights did you watch today\scorecard thread.

Originally Posted by lufcrazy View Post
Back to my list.

Just watched Benvenuti stop Rodriguez (any better footage of benvenuti out there?)

He fights very good but he seemd fairly easy to tag, his jab, whilst good wasn't spectacular. His ko shot was brilliant and he'd landed that left hook all fight long.

I think I'm trying to say he looked solid bu unspectacular. Comparable in terms of tier to Basilio IMO. to an untrained eye like mine, they also look similar at times jabbiong and spoiling but with great power hidden in a not great ko percentage.

ali (vs terrell) [A]
armstrong (vs ross) [A]
arguello (vs kobayashi) [b]
benitez (vs cerantes) [b]
angott (vs zivic) [C]
basilio (vs de marco) [D]
benvenuti (vs rodriguez) [D]
apostoli (vs steele) [D]

Does my grading seem fair there? s**** fair because this is all highly subjective, does it seem outrageous or reasonable?
You gradingthe quality of the fights?

ecause if you are that is ludicrous.

Also on Benvenuti he sort of reminds me of Minter in that he dosent look good ut he gets stuff done. Also how ig is he for a formerLMW< guys huge fora Middleweight anyway.
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