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Default Re: Describe your worst sparring experience...

Originally Posted by Pork Chop View Post
I'm big, experienced, and I can go light with folks pretty well; so I get put in with a lot of new guys.
My worst experiences have been getting thrown in with noobs who try to kill me and getting yelled at if I get any payback. Unfortunately, I don't have the best temper in the world - but I've been really trying to work on it lately.

Other than new guys, my worst experiences with experienced guys have been:

Broke my ribs 3 times - first time was judo practice gone bad, second 2 times were muay thai knees

Had a spazzy mma guy tackle me while doing "standup" sparring. He didn't like a technique his own coach had me doing earlier, to get out of his guard so he was trying to get payback. His coach stopped me before i lit him up. a week later he pulled a cheap shot, grabbed my shirt, and slammed me on a hardwood floor, giving me retinal damage (since healed). Never went back to that class, because I was afraid I'd literally kill him. I was a lot bigger with better striking technique and enough takedown defense to keep off the ground when I wasn't being blindsided. It wouldn't have been pretty, but it would've been settled. Used to shake when I thought about him.

Another time a friend asked me to work with his student. I was to feed him stand up, he was to defend and try to set up counters & throws. We weren't on mats, so the throws weren't supposed to be completed. He was using fingerless gloves, i was using huge 20+oz safety gloves. He grabbed the cuff of my glove, swept my feet, and spiked me hard on my shoulder. Knew I had 30 seconds left till shock wore off; so I played it off like nothing happened so we could start back up. Got him in a clinch and said "mother f***er" as I grabbed his head in a clinch and let loose with full power knees to his face. After the first barely landed, he stood straight up with fear in his eyes, pushed me off and literally ran out of the training area. Got kicked out of that gym for a little while after that one.

Some little guys like to go full out on big guys to make them "feel" it. They're fast enough to land, most of the time they wear small gloves (talking 14oz or less), and they're bringing it - so it hurts. You call them on it and they deny it, saying you should be able to take it. They're freaking quick so going light slows you down enough not to catch 'em. You stalk them and you're the bully because you're heavier.

I try to be careful of who I spar with these days. I'm also on a kick lately where I'm just trying to keep it fun. That means covering up and taking my ego out of the equation. So far so good: feed new guys just enough to keep them busy and spend most of the time covering up.

At my age, I just don't have time for anymore serious injuries.
Hate, hate, HATE that. One guy showed up to my college's boxing club back when I was in that, had like 8-10 oz gloves and wanted to spar me. I was like sure, he said he's new to boxing (but did have muay thai experience I believe) and we told him that we could only spar lightly. I'm using big 20 oz gloves and doing enough to keep him off me for the most part until he starts just swinging for the fences. He was about 140 lbs, I was about 260 at the time. He busted my lip (and the nose of another member later) and got all defensive when we told him to lighten up and not sit on his punches.
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