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Default Re: Describe your worst sparring experience...

I had been training, sparring and taking technical classes regularly. I always try to encourage young guys to "give it a try" (sparring) so they can see how technical The Sweet Science is. Two Marines sign up, are attending regularly, and I was encouraging the hell out of them. They finally got their fundamentals down and pass to spar and sparring day was upon us.

Well "lucky" me decided to eat a more substantial breakfast so I could just eat oatmeal for lunch to keep the stomach light. I found this great Filipino place that made great stuffed buns and had lumpia. Why not? "You want some dipping sauce?" Me, "Sure, why not?" My fatal mistake!

So I hit the gym. The Young Marines are there and ready to see me go. I feel WEIRD. Panicked and a little out of sorts, but I chalk it up to gym jitters. I am sparring and it is literally like my body is fighting me. I am occasionally trembling and staring off into space between rounds thinking, "What the hell?" Sheepishly offering to them, "I don't know what is up today." They are looking at me like, "Oh. Ok."

As the torture filled hour goes on... I am getting my a$$ handed to me progressively worse. The gym mauler smells weakness and starts pounding me like a cheap piece of steak. One more round to go and... I dive out of the ring and blow up the gym bathroom. "Must be the sparring." I go back to talk with the guys and am completely humiliated. If I wasn't so concussed, it might have been a depression.

The next day I am at work nursing my concussion. Right after I get in, I have the runs so bad I can't even go home for fear I will **** my pants in the car! I stay at work until damn near 10pm. I am finally empty and head home close to passing out. I take a shower and get in bed. I put on a hoody jogging suit and still need to cover up in 3 blankets because I have chills. I check my temperature... 105 degrees Fahrenheit! I am concussed, sick, and... elated! I have food poisoning!!! Yes! There is a REASON!

I takes me a full month to recover. The only thing on my mind is redeeming myself. Low and behold, like most "I wannas", The Young Marines quit and were never seen again. I will probably forever be known in their head as "Remember that Boxing dude..." Damn.

What I wouldn't do to work with those guys and have them see me work at 100%.
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