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Default Re: ++++Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley: Technical/Tactical Breakdown Thread++++

PowerPuncher made some really good points in the General:

Originally Posted by PowerPuncher View Post
Just for the record I've picked Pacquaio over everyone bar Marquez since his Morales 2 fight. Here are some reasons I see Bradley beating him though:

A Class Right hand counters/leads - Manny struggles with elite right hands. DLH, Cotto, MAB, Hatton all didn't have particularly good right hands, it was a weakness for them. Morales and Marquez had elite right hands. Bradley's right nearly always is very effective against southpaws and against his opposition generally

Experience with fast southpaws - Alexander, Casamayor and Witter. Holt was also a quick. Against southpaws Bradley is adept at using the angles

Defence and chin - Bradley in my view is 1 of the best defensive boxers Manny has come across. He doesn't get hit much and he keeps his chin tucked and rolls with the punches when he does get hit so is hard to hurt. When he was down hard against Holt, he rallied back showing great heart and recuperative skills. Generally he makes few mistakes technically

Speed - Really quick hands, maybe the fastest opponent Pacquaio has faced

Feinting and countering - Bradley is maybe the second best that Manny has come across after Marquez and we saw the problems that brought

General boxing intelligence - Bradley seems to be able to pick up on mistakes his opponents make and find gameplans to exploit mistakes

Intelligent pressure - Bradley likes to back opponents up and works them over on the inside. He doesn't just bullrush though, he cuts down the space and forces mistakes he leaps on. So it's quite a different pressure to Hatton for instance. Manny does not usually fight as well when backed up or on the inside

Headbutts - Bradley dips his head and brings it up so it's not blatant and he gets away with it. It breaks an opponents rhythm and roughs them up and as an extra weapon with his counter punching, makes them cautious to throw at times

Reach advantages - 69 inches so by 2 inches, Cotto and Marquez had the same reach as Pac, Pac had a 2 inch advantage against Hatton. Only Clottey (71), DLH (72), MAB (70), Morales (72) and Mosley (71) were longer than Bradley. Now he has wins over all those rangier opponents but ODLH, Mosley and Morales were past prime and the right hands of Morales and Clottey landed effectively.

Conditioning - Bradley is in his prime has elite stamina, is strong and won't be drained

Roach already underrating Bradley - Roach has said Bradley will be an easy fight and Manny will struggle to 'get up' for someone as lowly as Bradley. Pride comes before a fall and that doesn't sound like the best way to devise a training camp and strategy to beat a top talent like Bradley

A blueprint is in place in how to neutralise Pacquaio - if Bradley follows Marquez and Morales gameplans effectively then he wins

Now I'm not outright picking Bradley, I lean towards him but Pacquaio has the power, speed and workrate unlike what we've seen before to really test Bradley. Bradley is aggressive, comes forward so he may eat punches on the way in against Pacquaio and even get knocked out as many expect. That's a distinct possibility but I think he can rise to the occasion here. In a close fight however it's unlikely he gets a decision.
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