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Default Re: ++++Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley: Technical/Tactical Breakdown Thread++++

Some things for Manny to consider......

1. Have a serious think about the sparring partners you bring in
After the Mosley fight, which revealed so much, it baffles me as to how and why the same mistakes were repeated against JMM. Seriously, which types of fighters is Manny sparring in the gym for such blatant weaknesses to go unnoticed? For this fight, they really need to hire some quick, defensively orientated partners.

2. Controlling the distance
How about patiently stepping to, and securing the ideal punching distance from you and your opponent before launching your attacks? Because it’s certainly better than throwing punches first, realizing you’re not close enough, to then overreach in more attempts, before ultimately leaving yourself off balance and wide open for counters.

3. Stepping to the right and cutting off
Every potential opponent of yours now will circle to the left to take your main hand away from you. In which case, you really need to begin stepping to right and using your right hook more. Cutting the escape routes will restrict the opponents’ movements, and give you more opportunities to land meaningful connects.

4. What’s happened to your feints, bro?
Seems like you’ve grown too comfortable fighting stationary opponents, and forgot the need for feinting. With a defensive fighter like Bradley (and Mayweather), you’ll need to carefully track their movements/actions before committing to and wasting punches. Try feinting to see which defensive position they jump to – whether it be ducking, covering, stepping back, etc – and then decide on your method of attack. This’ll need to be used in conjunction with point 2 and 3 (controlling the distance and cutting off), and you may find yourself not being in the position to throw for the most part, but keep doing it until you trap your man and he’s not in any position to jump into another effective defensive position.

5. Don’t automatically look for a knockout
Chances are, that Bradley will be quick, strong and intelligent enough to last the full 12. Being foolishly aggressive and looking for a quick solution, could cost you the fight. If you want that knockout, you’ll have to work for it. This isn’t a Cotto or a Hatton that’ll let you hit him at will. You’ll have to carefully search, find, attack, compromise the fact that he’ll escape on most occasions, and repeat the process. If you acknowledge and accept the fight for the type that it is – a chasing game – then you’ll be less frustrated/disappointed when you’re not allowed to hit at will.

So in conclusion, Pac’s just gotta’ be more measured with his attacks. Bradley WILL NOT foolishly walk in to or remain in one position to be hunted down. Pac must feint, control distance and cut of the ring to increase his success rate.
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