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Default Re: Describe your worst sparring experience...

Originally Posted by john garfield View Post
Very refreshing ta see guys fess-up to these drubbings; 'n from the details, ya can tell they're the truth.

Usually threads are about who's more badass.

Like you guys, I've gotten my lumps more than once.
I just dont see it as a bad thing! If your gunna swim your going to get wet. The main thing is to learn from it.

Last night i "sparred" with my mate who is just starting out. Using only the jab trying to tag each other! Iv been out of the gym for a while with good coaching and i got tagged from bad habbits iv picked up! Its not about ego , hes brand new if hes tagging me then hes improving and if im getting tagged then im doing something wrong! No point in being in denial about it .. learn from it and fix it. For example im going to go back to basics myself over the next few weeks!
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