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Default Re: Describe your worst sparring experience...

Forgot a few more stories...

First year of training seriously, boxing sparring. Back then i was being forced to learn orthodox (wasn't allowed to switch southpaw till about the 1 year mark). Reason I later switched was because my right cross was pretty much useless due to a leg issue I have. Sparred a southpaw, hyper extended a right cross to the body just as he was lunging forward. Fractured the tip of my ulna. My brother was in town and hanging with me at the gym that night. He'd flirted up the girl working at the desk and the 2 of them were watching. Managed to finish out the round like a 1-armed boxer.

Later that night, went out with my brother and that girl. Every single girl we came across (sometimes 2 and 3 at a time) would try to get with him and completely ignored me. Depression followed. Was drunk for a week straight after that one.


The 2 times I had my ribs broken by knees were both by the same guy. I hate sparring tall guys, especially in muay thai. Once they get over 6'3", I have a VERY hard time. Anybody else, not that big of a deal. The guy with the knees is like 6'4~6'5.


When I lived in Maryland, I would train at my coach's second gym in Virginia on Saturday mornings. None of the guys there knew me, so they'd often try to go real hard in sparring. One particular guy was really buff, but kinda short (talking maybe 5'8"). Jarhead type. The kind of guy that "accidentally" misses the belly pad every single time whenever you work on drills (nailing you in the chest or in the junk). We spar. He's real stiff and wants to go real hard. My favorite technique is kick catches (and sweeps). It's nice, because having to get up off the ground makes them tired, a little embarrassed, and gets them to be a bit more careful. I kick catch him a few times and sweep him. The guy's a former wrestler and would rather be doing mma. I guess he's had enough because as soon as we get to a clinch, he shoots a double and starts going for a ground and pound. I tried to shrimp, tried to bridge, he refuses to get off, can't hit me though, eventually i just hold on for dear life until the coach tells him to get up.


I don't know about you guys, but after these kinds of events happen, the worst part is having to listen to my coach talk these guys up about how great they're going to be. Never had a coach that went around saying I was going to be a killer, or told me that I would be some sort of champion. Best I seem to manage is getting a coach to agree to letting me get in there and maybe helping me out a bit.
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