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Default Re: Describe your worst sparring experience...

I was new to this gym and came in hitting the speed bag and double end bags better than anyone in the gym, including the star of the gym, a pro light-heavy with 14 or so wins and maybe 2 losses...

So we were friendly, and when we sparred, I expected him to check his ego because I had no fights, amateur or pro, and wasn't in great shape to begin with... I didn't expect him to have anything to prove.

I was wrong.

We moved around and felt each other out, then he went to the corner after it was clear I couldn't hit him that clean... He waved me in to hit him, so I tried, and it became clear that in my current condition, I couldn't hurt him or hit him hard enough to dent him if I had a clear shot...

Then he started countering. He hammered me with a couple big shots, so I backed off and wanted to box. He spun me into the ropes and crushed me with a hook which put my upped body through the ropes where I tried to cover up, and that's when he bombed me again with a monster left hook in the nose that certainly broke it... This was as I'm trying to get back through the ropes.

I remember thinking it was such a ***** move. An unnecessary ***** move. He could have let me get some work in and not had his pride hurt at all, but he took someone who had no chance of even landing anything serious and beat the tar out of him...

I lost alot of respect for him after that. I kept around after that for a couple weeks, but moved out of state a couple weeks after this anyway.
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