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Default Re: Describe your worst sparring experience...

When I was fourteen and about 60kg I was sparring with this 70kg 20 something year old in our gym who had trained for a while but not fought. I'd out-boxed him for a round and as we came out for the second one he was ****ed, came in hard at me. I managed to keep him away for a minute, boxing well but then he came in close and got my with this hard left hook to the body, put me down and man the pain was bad. Learned to do my sit-ups after that one. Recently I was sparring with a senior, a guy with lots of fights and about 72kg, I'm 64kg now and 16. We touched gloves and were off. My god, the guy just pawed out a jab and it was one of the hardest shots I've ever been hit with, he didn't even put any effort into it but it just had this thudding power behind it. Boxed about 4 rounds with him that day and kept my hands and elbows tight for all of it, it was crazy. It was a learning curve rather than a bad experience though.
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