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Default Re: The all things technical thread.

Body punching is the single most under-utilised skill in boxing today.
It's the ultimate equaliser for fighters and here's why: it slows any fighter down, it does more long-term damage over the course of a fight, it's a god-send for lighter punchers and it sets up more offensive opportunities than any other individual punch style other than the jab.

I think it's been neglected for a couple of reasons. 1, it's leaves a fighter more open when on the attack, and 2, it isn't consistently rewarded in the amateur ranks. The second is valid, but the first is wrong when it's done right.

A good body puncher has two major targets - the solar-plexus and the ribcage. It is hard to get down the middle without getting clipped, but rib work is effective at all times. You can rip a left hook under the right cross, you can bring the right under a jab and both these shots discourage an opponent from throwing.

Also, it's ideal against defensive opponents since it forces them to bring the guard down. Perfect the hook to body then head combination and you have a major tool in your ****nal.

It's also ideal coming off a jab because that blinds the opponent and brings the hands up.
But it also requires good footwork to get on position, and since very few trainers impart that knowledge now, sweet body shots are becoming a thing of the past. Inside fighting relies on body work, but that's a dying art too.

I'll try and find some good clips and provide some comments.
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