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Default Re: ++++Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley: Technical/Tactical Breakdown Thread++++

It seems Tim wants to beat Pac on the front foot. That is hard. Tactically, he knows what needs to be done and he has the experience. Tim is a good fighter. Pac now excels on the back foot and lights your world up (Margo, Cotto, Diaz, Hatton etc). Pacs invincible run is against come forward fighters.

Put Pac in with a guy who can go 12 rounds and waits to counter him and he has trouble. He has looked bad in his last 2 fights. Even when he lost to Morales. If you can reduce him to one or two punches then his bouncey in and out style doesn't work.

I think Pac has deterioated as an aggressive fighter. He looks a million dollars because he has guys like DLH, Hatton and Margo in his face while taking huge shots that bust them up or ko them.

Pac was once one dimensional but I think he is even more one dimensional now because he has become so comfortable with boxing on the back foot. All his pad work with Roach is counter punches, stepping off, finding angles. No more coming in behind a rapid fire jab and putting a huge left hand behind it and then combos when he has a guy stationary. It was one dimensional but it was his come forward approach. Now I don't think he has a come forward approach, or at least not a good one. Don't even think he can cut off a ring but he has always been able to get in on his opponent fast enough.

Ultimately, I don't think the way to beat Pac is on the front foot. Bradley is a good fighter technically but is he as big or even as imposing on the front foot as DLH, Margo, Cotto, Hatton, even Diaz or MAB?! Pac is a super talent and going forward draws on all his super talents as you get caught with incredible speed and devastating power. This only makes it harder to get in on him. Few men of similar proportions can last 12 rounds with Pac.

Then again, I'm not sure if Tim is a good enough boxer to out box Pac. For me, I think Tim has to box and brawl. I'm not sure if he can counter punch like JMM so that style is out. His best bet is the fact he is an all rounder who can handle a fight whether it is on the inside, on the ropes, backing up or going forward. Stay in one gear and Pac will hurt you all night en route to a decision or brutal ko.
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