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Default Re: The all things technical thread.

Originally Posted by slip&counter View Post
A bit more on Robinson/Burley lads. Did a bit of Boxrecing. It's frowned upon but had to be done. lol

We've established that it was Cerdan, LaMotta and Zale who were middleweight champions in Burley's time and they're more to blame then Ray Robinson is for Burley not getting a shot. But what about as a welterweight when Ray was a welter.

That is also another myth. Burley was a full middleweight by 1941. Robinson turned pro at 134lbs in 1940. In 1942 Burley loses to Holman Williams by this time both men would've been sabotaged from getting a title shot. That Williams/Burley fight was for what was then called the coloured title and Burley lost it. Robinson himself didn't get a title shot untill he'd had about 76 fights in 1946. So that's Burley being a fully fledged middleweight for nigh-on 7 years before Robinson even won the welterweight title. Amazing is it not? I don't know why this myth is perpetuated.
I don't know why everyone even cares about Burley, it's not like it was just him that got shafted.

Henry Armstrong wanted NOTHING to do with Cocoa Kid. Eddie Booker, Bert Lytell and Holman Williams, all on Burley's level, were all overlooked as well. It just wasn't all gold being part of Murderers Row
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