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Default Re: The all things technical thread.

Originally Posted by slip&counter View Post
Breaking down the Desert Storm.

Bradley is a fighter with many strengths. He is one of the more rounded fighters today, even though he seems to lack a lot of physicality he is strong deceptively and has very little obvious weaknessess. He's technically and fundamentally sound. Good jab, precise accurate well thrown punches, although he does tend to go wide and loop them from time to time, especially when he's pressing the fight and gets a little reckless, which is not often and it's something he's improved in the last couple of years as he's grown as a a fighter.

Tim Bradley's biggest strength for me is his will. He reminds me of Evander Holyfield in the sense that he can and has the ability to fight alike man possessed even with physical disadvantages and overcome faster and stronger foes.

He has good variety and workrate. He can set traps playing the counter puncher, which imo is his primary game but he can also press the fight and take the lead. His footwork is really good and he can box really well in tight circles.

Bradley throws a nice jab to the solar plexus especially against taller opponents when he wants too. He bounces on his feet and takes a long step, bending his knees and getting full extention. He can also throw a very good up jab and disrupt his opponents rhythm so he has the jab almost down packed. He varies it and he can throw different types of it.

Perhaps Bradley best punch is the right hand counter over the top as a short or long punch, he's hurt or dropped few opponents with this punch. Very good at staying compact and hiding his back hand then releasing it accurately. What he does so well and the reason he catches so many people with this shot is, he jabs with his opponents and because the left side of his body is closer it allows him to hide the right hand and then as he's jabbing at the same time as his opponent he can measure and time the right hand, either when his opponent comes in or he can do it on the outside. he can also follow up with a left hook very well.

Something have also noticed in Timmy over the years and what i think makes him so effective is he doesn't lose form as the fight goes on. I look at him from the first round of his fights then i take a look at him in the last round and he doesn't lose one bit of posture and form from the first to the last. Which is so impressive because most fighters under featigue mentally and physically start to lose to lose form.


Not many but there are a couple. Although he has a good set up and can change distance well. He can't always avoid getting hit when closing distance as he can sometimes become ragged in his work when on the front foot. Crossing that danger zone can sometimes lead him into trouble particularly against fighters with advantages such as speed or height and reach. Although he uses his opponents lead to creat offensive opportunities like you should, he doesn't always slip effectively and avoid the incoming as he steps forward. The good thing is that he's very competant on the inside once he gets there. But he needs to be patient when he's storming and not reckless.

The other thing of course is that he's not the biggest of punchers. He's not featherfisted and can get his respect but it's not a lot of power behind his punches. There's also not a lot of reflexes and dymanism there which isn't a severe weakness because he has the solid foundations and well rounded game to make up for it.
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