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Default Re: The all things technical thread.

Originally Posted by slip&counter View Post
Awesome. Thanks for the response, Jeff. I never knew you had so many lads under your wing. I look forward to you producing a fine champion as i'm sure with your vast knowledge you will. You've learned from some good guys and you seem to have done the neccesary courses and know the pitfalls. It's sad to see trainers be so jealous of eachother and having such an ego and not trying to learn from others. It certainly hurts the sport.

I would've loved to go into training but i think the time has passed me by. Starting now would be doing a massive disserve to myself and to anyone that would be unfortunate enough to get involved with me. It's funny because all the male members of my family are BIG boxing fans, but no one really went into and got involved in the sport in any serious capacity, apart from some extended family members. I was the closest to being a fighter but alas it never happened and it's probabily too late now to get into training. There would be too much work that needs to be done and you don't wanna end up trying to learn on the job and ruining someone. I've got a young son and i'll try and get him into the gym when he's old enough. I just hope i don't become one of those pushy fathers who wants to live his dream through his son and ends up doing serious damage.

Having your own gym and producing a champion would just be the ultimate.
How old are you? Why tell yourself you can't do something before you even try. Guess what, I couldn't box, be a good dad, go in the army, Run an iSO security company, work the doors, get an a level, get a degree, work as a body guard, make a comeback after 5 years, compete in prizefighter, train boxers, be a personal trainer, have a decent job, raise a family, start my own business either - these are all things I couldn't do for whatever reason... But I did it! Unless your 70 years old and about to die I recommend you follow your dreams - because that's what life is for - everything else is just an obstacle that needs to be overcome ....

If you have a vision or a dream go for it! **** been realistic- let the realistic people sit at home watching tv while us crazy people do the impossible!
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