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Default Re: Training overhaul

Not got much time for my training these days as work is taking over my life a bit but I always make sure that I get at least three 15-30 min sessions in a week.

Today for example I simply did dumbbell clean and presses with a 35 kg db. I was already warmed up after walking the dogs so just did a couple of mins lifting my wife's little 12 kg db before diving into a nice 10 reps x 3 sets of super-smooth clean and presses.

Tomorrow I will do some single deadlifts, probably 180 kg x 5 singles and then I'll try to do some heavy db snatches at the weekend. These are my favourite exercise at the moment, ticking a lot of boxes for my time-strapped self.


As stated above, I am greasing the groove with l-sit chins and pull-ups, 1 arm/1 leg pressups and i throw in some dips on my gymnastic rings every time I walk past 'em, too).

One session of hill sprints a week (added to my distance-running past; until the age of about 28 I was a running freak, sometimes covering 10 miles in the morning and the same again in the evening, daft **** that i was) means I can always put a few 6 min. miles together on the track so I'm currently just maintaining my strength and conditioning until this busy work period passes...then I can get to increasing my lifts and maybe bringing my 3 mile time down as well. Pretty difficult combining the 2 but at least it's a challenge to aim for.

ETA That's not me in the vid, I just used it to show what I think is some awesome, explosive lifting that most of us can probably benefit from i.e. simple DB work without hiring an olympic lifting coach.
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