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Default Re: The all things technical thread.

To echo what someone else posted - what a great thread. The attention *****s and anti-Bunce crowd won't come near anything which will expose how little they know of the sport.

I've really enjoyed every single post on here - even the different perspectives on the same stuff are fascinating. I think it gets easy to get caught up in hype, but once you know what makes one fighter technically more capable of beating another, you see through it.

The first time I really took notice of technique was when someone showed me Leonard-Hearns I: two massively gifted boxers with brilliant fundamentals in a high-speed chess match for 14 rounds.

You see how Leonard tried to jab to the body and needed to adjust to Hearns' reach, you see how Hearns wasn't used to guys who could get to him in close, - then you see them switch their normal roles, but the footwork, the jabbing and punch selection... everything has a purpose. There is no wanton aggression - both men were looking for openings, using their feet and feints to create them, and using their brains to adapt to what they could find.

And at the end? Pure killer instinct from Leonard when he got the chance to take out Tommy, he did it mercilessly and with cold precision.

I was fortunate that someone pointed all of that out to me.
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