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Default Re: the what fights did you watch today\scorecard thread.

Frank Cedano KO7 Charlie Magri

Some beltinig moments in commentary from Carpenter here.

"Magri lands a right hand on Cerdano's...Chinese looking face...Cerdano peers out at him through slanty eyes."

Fabulous fight. Magri won the first two rounds barely but had all the head-movement beaten out of him in the third. You can tell when a fighter never settles to head-movement properly because it's something they can only do when they are fresh and/or unhurt. As soon as Magri gets hurt he forgets his head-movement. But there's a telling moment in the third where he shucks left, then right, bobs up and gets jabbed on his face. Cerdano just found him, and when he did those jab-straight combos couldn't miss. He added a winging right hook as the fight progressed and the trailing uppercut for the first KD was a beaut.

Not the southpaw curse, just Magri getting beaten up by a tougher, bigger fighter.

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