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Default Re: The all things technical thread.

Originally Posted by slip&counter View Post

Nonito really is an awesome talent. To the point where we actaully see him practising things in actaul fights. What i like about him is that he has a good mix of athleticism and technical ability. I'm not generally a fan of switch hitting, i think it confuses the fighter who's doing it more than the other way round, i always think when i see a fighter switch hitting he's struggling to get his primary gameplan going and maybe running out of idea, but he's someone who can do it well and get away with it. He has the necessary tools and does it for the right reasons. Like i said to Mand, he's a chameleon in that ring.

The problem for Donaire now is he's trying to become a star, they're selling him on his knockout power. The mistake they're making is putting too much pressure on him to put on spectacular one punch knockouts since the Montiell fight created so much buzz. He's over egging it and doing things not in his favour. Just intend to win Nonito and let things flow naturally.

He's constantly looking for the one punch KO power and when he doesn't get it he leaves people dissppointed. Plus he's leaving himself open too much and getting hit more which makes the people think he's not what he's being made out to be. He's becoming too anxious and not breaking his opponents down and using proper set up and working for his knockout. He's not going to the body enough for example and neglecting certain other things aswell.

His hand problems are also a concern, he's putting too much into every punch. Along with his age aswell because he's already wasted some years. Not managed well for long periods.

That would be a great fight. I think Donaire would be on his game for that fight. Donaire needs to respect his opponent and have the element of 'fear' that he might lose to get the best out of himself. Not in fights where he's just looking for a highlight reel KO and anything else leaves him dissappointed. It would also raise Rigo's game. What a match-up it would be.
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