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Default Re: The all things technical thread.

Originally Posted by norfolkinchance View Post
thank you slip & counter for your earlier comment.

inspired me to write some more.

someone earlier posted a video of james toney slipping ruiz jab and countering it. i willtry and breakdown that a little. imo it isnt possible to do this (at least not for me) if you are reaqcting to the jab or if it is a properly thrown jab. however if you can anticipate the jab or tempt the other guy into throwing it you can land it.

one way is moving backwards staying just out of range encouraging the other guy to lunge or overreach or encouraging the oppo onto you. ideally he expects you to move back and youhold your ground and throw the right hand. or the better way of doing it imo is to throw your jab whilst in range anticipating he will throw his jab straight after and then you throw the right hand.

the way to do it isnt to lean to the right which is what a lotof people do. instead just twist your shoulders clockwise and this should move your head the few inches needed to slip the jab. this also chambers the right hand nicely for extra power. if you can also slide your weight forward a few inches this will add power and range to your shot. another little tweaqk is to take a little step to the right of a few inches before or as you throw the jab as i find this gives you a better angle to throw the right.
From the 'philly shell' defense I avoid doing this for the jab. I try to just bend my legs to slip the shot, or parry with my right glove, becuase if you turn the shoulder, it's a lot harder to roll and counter the right hand follow up.
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