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Default Re: The all things technical thread.

Originally Posted by Jdsm View Post
From the 'philly shell' defense I avoid doing this for the jab. I try to just bend my legs to slip the shot, or parry with my right glove, becuase if you turn the shoulder, it's a lot harder to roll and counter the right hand follow up.
good point! will have an experiment next time im in the gym. watching toney he does seem to dip more but i seem to rotsate more. will have a try and see what happens. thanks

something i posted in another thread

two orthodoix fighters. get in close until my left shoulder is touching there chest area. try and throw something with the left to body to get them leaning forward. or just push with shoulder so they push back. then pull back my left shoulder which leaves a nice slot to whip the right uppercut thriugh the guard. works a treat.

the more sideways you are the easier it seems to be to disguise. throw plenty left hooks to distract and not thinking of right hand then boom!!!!
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