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Default Re: The all things technical thread.


Feinting is much an important aspect of creating opportunities for your offense. The aim is to deceive the opponent and make him think you're throwing something somewhere and then you throw it somewhere else. Or the part of him that opens up. You can make a fighter do things he doesn't wanna do just by feinting. It's boxings art of deception. It can be so effective and pretty much anyone will fall for a good feint. It keeps the opponent guessing and stops him from predicting your attack or figuring out your punching pattern. You can control what points your opponents adjusts his guard or what movements he makes by feinting certain punches. The most effective and my favourite feint is throwing a couple of jabs to the body, then feinting the next time which than brings your opponents hands down as he attempts to block the body shot leaving his himself open up top. you can manoeuvre his guard positioning by feinting. The more openings you can make for you power punches the better and feinting is a major tool to do that. It's a dying art though, feinting. You don't see too many fighters doing it properly as a result they're more predictable. Even if they do it it's too exaggerated and not effective feinting.

I recently watched Eddie Perkins fighting Ryu Sorimachi (i can't find the vid now i don't know if someone can post it here) and he gave a masterpiece on feinting.
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