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Default Re: The all things technical thread.

Originally Posted by SkillspayBills View Post
Yep that's it in a nutshell mate, Part of my boxing 'apprenticeship' as a child i told my father when moving to another gym 'i'm going southpaw' i felt so much better fighting as a lefty.

My only problem and i dunno how this is for most lefty's at AM level but sadly many trainers don't like it, don't know how to work pads for a southpaw and often try change fighters around to orthodox.
It's the same everywhere. They think there's something wrong with being a southpaw. For whatever reason. I wasn't having non of it and turned myself into one, i was so MUCH more comfortable especially in the offensive department. What i found, ironically enough. And i don't know if anyone else has had this experience is that i was generally better at trying to avoid punches in the orthodox stance but the southpaw stance was easier in releasing punches and getting off more. I don't know why that was. Maybe trying to immitate and 'sit on the toilet' like Pernell Whitaker, not doing it properly and walking into punches had something to do with it.
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