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Default Re: The all things technical thread.

Awesome post JDSM but your missing one really important little thing- and I think its actually the single most important part of that 'style' of boxing. I hate calling it the 'philly shell' because as far as I'm aware its computer game terminology- please someone prove me wrong so I don't feel a **** typing it.

Look where the fighters body weight is generally proportioned. He sits over the back leg (unless he chooses otherwise). By doing this he allows himself a number of functional advantages....

1. His opponent has to reach to hit him- if you reach your off balance. So whilst he is on balance and his opponent is off balance he has the advantage.

2. Movement originates in the legs- specifically the back leg. The lead leg supports the movement- but the inital movement tends to be initiated by movement from the back leg. Think George Groves.....

3. More leverage for the right hand. You load the back leg to transfer the weight for the right hand. Thus if your weight is sat there all the time you have it available to you at all times.

4. Multi directional movement is easier. If your weight sits on the back foot then you can quickly change the direction your moving in faster as there is no weight to shift.

5. Keeping the weight on the back foot allows you a great base from where to throw all your shots. You should not be shifting your weight around for each individual punch, you should have a base from where you can execute any move, at any time. For example if your weight is pitched forward you can no longer deliver a good cross, you can no longer roll and slip as effectively. etc etc.....

Its no coincidence that all the top fighters you name here as stylist proportion themselves in this manner.... compare this



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