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Default Re: ESB ATGs Muay Thai / KickBoxing fighters Thread

Yes, don't know if you know but Khamsing was given a massive bonus with all sorts of stipulations from the King/government for winning, such as a house, winning bonus, a certain amount of money for a few years etc etc (can find it on the net for you when i get home) but he loved his gambling...funnily enough gambling is completely 'outlawed' out here (not that it really matters when you're Somruck)

So yeah, does a bit of acting now and the 'fight' with JCVD will happen...or will it, I've given up now Khamsing will kick his ****ing ass in a legit' fight that's for sure.

EDIT: if you know what moniker McCoy goes under now please let me know as I'd like to pick his brains and bounce some ideas around with him, cheers
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