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Default Re: ++++Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley: Technical/Tactical Breakdown Thread++++

This is as good a time as any for Bradley to fight Manny. He seems confident and is around his physical peak. He features well against southpaws, is adaptable and a tough, dirty SOB.

Pacquiao has shown signs of decline with uninspiring performances by his own standards against Mosley and Marquez. He also suffered a pretty nasty cut due to a headbutt against Marquez and although seemingly too obvious a prediction, this could be a major issue against Bradley.

For me Bradley has to use the Marquez template to win. He needs to get his footwork right and think on his feet and more importantly keep Manny thinking and guessing the entire fight, and gain his respect. Any lapses will guarantee punishment and could put him off his gameplan. He has the quick counter right-hand and he needs to use this to punish Pacquiao every time Manny tries to initiate an assault. Like Marquez he will have to reset himself in preparation for the next Pacquiao flurry after each succesful counter, making sure he stays out of range of the left hand.

This is a big ask in my opinion. I think Bradley will make it difficult and have his moments with decent counter rights but there is the danger he will taste Manny's power to the extent he goes into defensive mode for long spells. I dont think Pacquiao will find the target easily but when he does I think it results in a negative performance from Bradley, boring in with his head and clinching more as the fight goes on.

Here's a few examples of how to get under Manny's skin and get his respect, in the first two we see Marquez and Morales fight fire with fire, I really cant see Bradley pulling off these types of counter assaults which are required to beat Pacquiao. GIFSoup GIFSoup

Whereas here we see Marquez get through with a single right hand, this is something Bradley will look to have success with and will need if he is to get the upset. GIFSoup

We could see Jinkee scream when Timmy goes in with the head though!

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