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Default Re: Andrzej Wawrzyk- Claus Bertino Feb 18, Pala-Airsch 2 March 9

Originally Posted by Malden View Post
Bertino has never been to the Olympics. He has defeated Paolo Vidoz in the pros though. Vidoz won a bronze in Sydney in 2000. Maybe you got it mixed up?

As for Bertinos pro career: There was some hope in the start with him. Won the Danish Championship in his seventh fight against 25-2 Steffen Nielsen, but then ran into a suprising knockout defeat against portuguese journeyman Humberto Evora (On the Kessler-Andrade undercard)

He then won four fights, until Kessler and others left Team Palle. He was then inactive for a year, before going to Russia and meeting then undefeated Maxim Vlasov. A fight he retired with an injured shoulder.

Returning seven months later in january 2010, he fought Paolo Vidoz (Former pro European Champion) in a stern assignment and won a close fight. Could have gone both ways. That was on the undercard of Mads L****n - Brian Magee. A card put in place by former European champion Hans Henrik Palm and a TV-contract was in place as well, but Mads L****ns defeat meant that it did not continue. Things were apparently dependend on a L****n victory. Mads L****n has still not recieved his money from that fight.

Then Bertino got his momentum destroyed yet again, this time by injury. Returned against Journeyman Gabor Farkas in february last year as the only pro fight on a bill in Ballerup near Copenhagen.

Then again a year of inactivtiy till this fight appeared. He is free of his contract with Palle in January, but he really should have got out of that before.
Oh I see, I misread. He never was in the Olympics, but he does have a very good amatuer career. Still curiou sif this guy could do better.

Thanks a million for the info on the injuries.

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