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Default Re: Andrzej Wawrzyk- Claus Bertino Feb 18, Pala-Airsch 2 March 9

Originally Posted by Cachibatches View Post
Oh I see, I misread. He never was in the Olympics, but he does have a very good amatuer career. Still curiou sif this guy could do better.

Thanks a million for the info on the injuries.

Gold Medal Winner Vestjysk Box Cup 2000
Danske Novice Championships 2001
HSK Box Cup 2001

Zealandic championships 2002
Danish Championships 2002
Viking Box Cup 2003
Zealandic championships 2003
Bolton Box Cup, England, 2003
Trondheim Box Cup, Norway 2003
Zealandic championships 2004
Danish Championships 2004
Give Elementer Box Cup 2004
BoxAm, Almaria, Spain, 2004
Zealandic championships 2005
Danish Championships 2005
HSK Box Cup 2005
Give Elementer Box Cup 2005
Copenhagen Box Cup 2005
Silver Medal winner Acropolis, Greece, 2002
Copenhagen Box Cup 2002
Uppsala Box Cup, Sweden, 2003
Danish Championships 2003
No problem

Yup, he did not do bad at all. Copenhagen Box Cup is a very good tournament for example. I was not into boxing that much when he was an amateur, but I remember reading about him quite often in my local newspaper (He boxed for the local club as an amateur)

I hope he can pull it off against Wawrzyk. This is not some last minute thing. He had a few months to prepare.

He is trained by his uncle, who I know

But im worried about the inactivity, and think he is gonna lose this. I mostly that he does well and dont get stopped.

I must add that the fight with Maslov was quite even and that the Russian seemed very happy that it ended

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