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Default Re: the what fights did you watch today\scorecard thread.

Don Curry TKO4 Colin Jones.

It's really exciting to see them come out for the first, and Curry just puts the toe of his boot right on Colin's. Given how excellent these two are as punchers, that's thrilling on its own, and although it's pretty one-sided it doesn't disappoint for excitement.

Jones is out of his depth from the start, and it's a fight that shows how the little things matter. Jones has good discouraging head movement, but his reactive head movement is guff and Curry just snaps his head back with hard jabs, every one of them. Jones's face starts to redden in the first. Jones also has a good jab, really good IMO, but Curry is just taking the sting out of these punches with small moves. He also just crowds Jones when he feels like it, moving all the way in, gloves up, waiting to coutner. It's a horrible strategy when it works and it speaks to Jones's bravery that he doesn't let it stop him throwing. He goes to his own left-hook, but he genuinely is outclassed, Curry actually outworks him to the body.

Part of the problem is Jones's footmovement which has always been less than Astaire-like. At one point Curry actually runs around him and lands a massive right-hand to the body. Jones drops his hands and steps back and tries to shake it off and you can see he is at a loss, like "what just happened?" He just can't move his feet fast enough.

He tries to solve the jabbing problem by staying busy and holding his hands in a high guard but Curry just works around and through it, with great punch variety. At one point he splits the guard with an uppercut, he's stood in the right spot to do it, and what do you do if you are Jones? Curry is already standing where you want him and if you run you lose, but if he stays he gets beaten up. Horrible situation really.

Curry is as fluid as i've seen him when he punches but oddly disjointed in the way he marries his coutners and leads. Sometimes he's just moving forwards, gloves up, elbows tucked in, waiting for opportunities to counter, he looks like a spoiler for forty seconds then throws a double one-two landing all four blows. Strange, excellent performance from him, brave and perfect tactically.

The cut that stopts Jones is a horrible one. It's across the bridge of the nose, so you think he's ok, but the doctor, who the refere has called to ringside opens it up a bit and you can practically see what Jones is thinking through the gap. Referee waves it off, Birmingham crows spoils what has been an incredible atmposphere by throwing bottles at a champion in his pomp.
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