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Default Re: the what fights did you watch today\scorecard thread.

Lloyd Honeyghan TKO6 RW Smith.

This is a lovely fight, Smith coming on in about 8 hours notice to fight in the main event instead of the undercard when the original opponent is pulled 7 pounds over. He isn't anything like in that kind of level and when Lloyd comes out and tries to feint him all to hell with his head Smith just kind of stands there looking at him You can see Lloyd maybe thinking "i bet i look a prize ****er."

Smith can't get his offence going for ages, and Lloyd just has his way with him, but he's interested in moving and jabbing so not much is happening except the kid is getting jabbed but in round 5 a fight breaks out. Honeyghan decides to put Smith away and chalks off about 20 punches, all old fashioned short-arm work, very square, neither really uppercuts or hooks just loads of them lots landing and suddenly Smith just springs into him, two cracking punches, one with each hand, both upstairs and Lloyd has to shut it down! Crowd going crazy applauding the kid, he's got a lot of heart and a great jaw.

He does land a couple of punches prior to that, but nothing really serious. The sixth is a great round. Smith lands a prize left hook, a real Frazier special coming out of a crouch and just nails Lloyd who tries to go on the offence big-time once more, but again, the kid is right there with him, good strategy just hitting anything that's infront of him, in this case the body, and again Lloyd has to back up.

In the same round though, he gets his with some real sickners. You can see it coming, Lloyd just stops missing, comes in close where his man can't wing at him, but where he can get these short little uppercust and dunting hooks in. Kid starts to crack at the end of the round, and in the corner his old man pulls him, ostensibly with a busted right hand.

They are all hugs and kisses at the bell and it's just a nice atmosphere.

Boxrec says Smith kicked the **** out of Billy Edwards in his next fight before losing three of four and retiring.
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