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Default Re: David Tua v.s Joe Louis

Originally Posted by garymcfall
Sorry but the man is so overated on these boards. Tua looked good against the likes of John Ruiz but as soon as he stepped up to the next level against a great fighter like Lennox Lewis he got his ass handed to him. If he had fought Tyson , even though Mike at the time was a shadow of his prime self, he would have taken a sound beating. I am not disputing that he was a terrific power puncher and his chin is very good but he lacks the ring prowess and intelligence to even contemplate being competitive with a master such as Joe Louis, who i think is also overated by the way but still a complete league above David bloody Tua.

Lewis had significant advantages against David Tua, and he also respected the **** out of his power. I'm sorry, but I just don't believe Louis was a " master " like people say. I don't think his offense would be enough to keep Tua off of him, and Louis had only a decent defense at best. I think Tua overwhelms Louis with his sheer power and punch resistance.
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