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Default Re: David Tua v.s Joe Louis

Louis took some flush shots from Max Baer. There is no reason to imagine that any fighter in history could take him out with a single shot.
If we're going to talk about Tua being overrated on these boards then Max Baer definitely needs a mention as overrated, as well. I'm sure Max was powerful, but I believe Tua is a lot more powerful, and Max Baer is probably one of the sloppiest heavyweight champions in history.

Originally Posted by janitor
Actualy Schmeling was always regarded as one of the hardest punchers of his era.
I disagree about Schmeling's punching power.

Originally Posted by janitor
In any event a knockout resulting from a sustained beating from dose not equate to a fighter being taken out with a single shot by anybody however hard they hit.
Sure it does. Holyfield knocked down Moorer I believe four times before stopping him, right? Foreman knocked him out with one punch. Just because one guy can't knock him out as quickly as the other it doesn't mean that a harder puncher couldn't put him out easier.
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