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Default Re: David Tua v.s Joe Louis


Tua might have a better left hook than Galento and he might not. One journalist who saw both Tony Galento and Sonny Liston hiting the heavy bag thought that Galento hit harder.
I think Tua has a better left hook than Galento, definitely. It's not like journalists aren't known to over-romanticize what they see. Sort've like how people say Louis lifted Galento " a foot " off the canvas with a single punch.

Again you fail to adress the bigest problem with your prediction.

You need to justify that Louis can even theoreticaly be taken out with a single telegraphed punch. All the evidence points to the contrary.
Not necessarily, many people seem to think that Louis can KO Tua, although Tua's never even been close to being taken out. It's all subjective.
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