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Default Re: Sidorenko/arnould

No problem about a home decision. Acaries cannot protect his boxers anymore. Boxers who fought the main Acaries boxers (Brudov, Asloum, Chanet etc.) were able to obtain the decisions (even in France).
Arnould has nearly 0 chance to win but Acaries controls 0 belt. It's a new situation for him and he is obliged to "burn" his young guys. He can still put his boxers in the top 15 of the WBA, he can still offer decent purses and his boxers are not very dangerous. It's normal he obtains voluntary defenses. It's a bit desperate but it's a way to write "WBA world title fight" on the card. Nothing new : he did that with average boxers like Girard, Sahnoune etc. but now it's even impossible to obtain a belt. At least Girard was able to compete with guys like Siaca etc. even if it was very boring... I can't give one name in the Acaries team who could obtain a title and defend it.
Klose, Amar and Monrose will be the next guys to be thrown in the mix...and they will fail. Acaries lost when he chose Asloum over Mormeck, Tiozzo, M'Baye, Mendy etc. For a guy who promoted Winky Wright or Ike Quartey the situation is pathetic.
About Arnould he won't beat Sidorenko on points : it's impossible. He was unable to dominate Saki etc. Speed, stamina, experience : everything is for Sidorenko. In terms of skills there is no comparison. Arnould can punch a bit but I don't believe he can score a lucky punch. There is no "lucky" punch... Arnould trains, he has good sparring partners and he is serious but he still needs many boxing lessons to be ready for such an opponent. If Sidorenko is in decent shape, if he is not overconfident etc. he will give Arnould one of the boxing lessons he needs.
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