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Default Re: ****** Kirks ESB Championships 2012 ******

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- Head to Head -

This is where we pit two past prime fighters against eachother and see who picks who to win, and who comes out the victor.

All matchups are open to vote by anyone who has placed a pick for the league this year. The voting never stops so if two months from now you place a pick for a matchup we already did, just quote the matchup and cast your vote and I will get it added.

This is not who has a better legacy, but who would in a fight between the two, the majority of the time.

Now, lets pit the best vs the best and see whos left standing when the dust settles.


For the first matchup I had to use Ali vs Tyson. It pits two of the most famous heavyweights ever against eachother in a classic, if not cliche at this point, lol, matchup.

Muhammad Ali
56-5 (37 KO's)

[ame=""]You Tube[/ame]

Mike Tyson
50-6 (44 KO's)

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[ame=""]You Tube[/ame]

Ali vs Tyson

Dan's Breakdown
A Very popular fantasy match up between two of the most popular Heavyweights ever. The great part about that is everybody knows who they are, what they did, and who they did it against. I don't have to go into great detail about Ali's style of how he bounced on his toes, hands low, flicked out a jab, followed by a beautiful straight right, and continued to dance while he did all that. And Tyson, gloves up in a peekaboo style, bobbing n weaving, firing a quick hard bomb, a bomb if landed, that more than likely dropped whoever was standing in front of him. Well look at that, I ended up describing their style anyway. Well, if you didn't know what they did, now you know. Alright, now going back to their popularity, these are two of the most popular boxers, ever. Everybody knows who these fighters are. You say "Ali" everybody quickly thinks Muhammad Ali. If you say "Tyson" everybody assumes you are talking about Mike Tyson. With that though, that doesn't mean this would be a close battle where if they fought 10 times each fighter would win 5 times each. I think this fight is pretty easy, to be honest. I think this is a fight where everybody looks at that one attribute, Mike Tyson's power, and overrates him. When one fighter has power, everybody gets crazy and automatically loves him and talks about that power, but when a fighter neutralizes that power, then that fighter has problems. In this fight, I don't like Tyson's chances at all, I think he has a small puncher's chance and that is it. Tyson was strong and powerful, but his power could be neutralized and with that said let's take a look at common styles.

Muhammad Ali fought "Smokin" Joe Frazier. He definitely could resemble a Mike Tyson clone. A small heavyweight, with powerful hands, especially the left hook, head movement for 3 minutes a round, and massive heart and chin. Now, Tyson made be a little bit more powerful, a little more quicker...for arguments sake let's say he was a little quicker and a little more powerful than Frazier, the big edge is that Frazier was an unstoppable machine. He was the energizer bunny, he just kept coming and coming and coming. Tyson was never like that. Tyson, mentally, could unravel and he could become frustrated, and that is the BIG key in this fight. Ali frustrating Tyson with movement and Tyson not being able to get Ali out of there early. His only big attribute over Ali, his power. Ali had a big heart, and a big chin, he could definitely take a punch. Anyway, going back to the common styles theme. who did Tyson fight that was a common style to Ali? Well, he fought this man named James "Quick" Tillis. He fought Tyson when he was a young, up and coming prospect who knocked out everybody. Tillis, who was trained by Angelo Dundee, was able to move, and really have his moments against Tyson. It was a very close fight, a fight in which Tyson obviously won. Tillis though, while quick, is nowhere near the level of skill of an Ali. Tillis, didn't have the skills, stamina, (or the hands of stone like the champ from Panama. wink wink) or chin of an Ali. Definitely, a big gulf in class when comparing Ali and Tillis.

So, with all that said above, style wise, and common opponents style wise. I would feel very confident in saying Ali would pretty much dominate the fight against Mike Tyson. Early rounds, very tense, very dramatic, as Tyson loops with fire bombs they may catch Ali's attention, but Ali stays calm and patient and continues scoring with the jab. 4th or 5th round, Tyson starts getting a little flustered as he's down on points, but Ali quite often took a round or two off here and there if he knew that he was in control. I believe in the middle of this fight he starts slowing down a bit hanging on the ropes, Tyson fires away, Ali rolls from the punches. The punches look like they are doing a lot of damage, but Ali is being sneaky by rolling with them. He holds Tyson's head a bit, that ****es Tyson off which, mentally, starts messing with Tyson as well. Late in the fight Ali is now comfortably ahead, and the danger of Tyson's power is over. Tyson is getting tired, frustrated. Ali meanwhile is continuing a nice pace. Boxing, moving, etc. And every once and awhile lands a nice 4, 5, 6 punch combo that backs up Tyson just a hair. Championship rounds are a bit like the last couple of rounds, 7-9, Ali is dominating and Tyson is getting swelling up and winging punches, but they have no effect, and they miss. Ali cruises to a 9-3 type 12 rounds decision. Three more rounds though, and I think Ali stops Tyson. The reason why I don't think Ali stops Tyson within 12 rounds is because it took James Douglas 10 rounds to finally stop Tyson, and Douglas hit harder than Ali, and Douglas throughout the fight was throwing everything, but the kitchen sink at Tyson. But sticking with that though as well. A big 6'3 Douglas was able to jab and keep Tyson on the outside, but took risks by throwing tons of punches at him and, for the most part, staying in the pocket. Ali wouldn't take those risks and he would just dance away. So, that is why I would take Ali by decision rather than stoppage, but if it's 15 rounds, then Ali has a great chance to stop him.

Our Picks: Ali vs Tyson

By Stoppage
Chatty - if were going prime for prime im going Ali TKO, i dont thinki Tyson could deal with his speed and after about 6-7 rounds would implode. i just don't think Tyson has the mental ability to deal with Ali

Tackle - Young, fresh and moving Ali would UD Tyson.

By Stoppage

Ali - 4
Tyson - 1

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