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Default Re: To those who say Khan is being protected....

Originally Posted by dan-b
You could have just added this to the conversation we were already having about this but I digress. Whilst I don't necessarily disagree with what you are saying Khan, by his own admission, wants to be the yongest British world champion so he should be taking on the appropriate challenges. You can't have it both ways.
yeah good point I'd failed to notice the number of khan threads popping up. I'll try and get it merged or sumthing.

Anyway point is I hear people talk about him fighting for a title by the end of the year? What? Did I hear that right? Thats so stupid, what would that prove? He's better than Naseem Hamed coz he can win a world title younger? Hamed is a popular figure but Khan shoul really ought to try and step out of his shadow, because being british and muslim he'll be marketed as "the next naz" and thats not what he wants. I doubt Naz wants it either.

Lets look at the current champions at 135lbs? Juan Diaz is the consensus man to beat, but right now he would probably beat Khan, with ease too. So would the other Diaz. And the other one. And wouldn't put him in with Casamayor just yet, Joel's way too experienced. I'm hearing him mentioning names like Hatton and Witter. No Amir, naughty boy, thats career suicide. Ricky Hatton would smash Khan, Khan's not even approached anyone of Hatton's calibre or experience. No need for it when he has such a big future.

But when Khan has gone through Thaxton, Romanov, Arthur, Mitchell and all the other euroean guys he'll be ready to take those guys. Infact he probably oblierate Katsidid in 12 months. the only thing that appears as a weakness is he's very inexperienced and very young, he gets over-enthusiastic and makes schoolboy errors. Keep him learning, on the british level, and in a few years time he will be a monster. Start throwing him in with the dogs now and he'll get KO'd. Willie Limond, who's a good fighter to be honest, showed that, and they should learn their lesson.

If Khan takes him time I can see him winning titles all the way from Lightweight to Middleweight in the next 10 years.
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