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Default Re: To those who say Khan is being protected....

The fact is he needs sterner tests before he steps up to world title level. He has beaten most of the domestic scene with ease but any fighter who is at the level he and his fans believe he is needs to face various different styles of boxer. The fact that he has notr fought a dangererous puncher of any kind or note will constantly dog him through his career until he puts the issue to rest. He does have the beating of the likes of Thaxton and Romanov but without facing them or those types we will not know how far he can truely go. The last thing he and his fans will want will to be protected to such an extent that when he does step up into the real elite he will be blow away. A fighter can only learn by testing themselves against serious threats. Less acomplished fighters of moderate quality in his own weight class in this country have had to face punchers so why not Khan?

As for Hatton being protected. It is very true he only fought against people who he was expected to beat but many of those opponents came to the ring with very serious threats in one way and another. In Khans fights you can only ever see one outcome because the fighters have been perfectly matched for him. St-Clair would be a threat to most young prospects but against the tall attacking well skilled Khan it was just a formaility.

If the guy wants to earn real universal respect and not some sports network hype put into peoples ears by ITV and the Sun then he needs to face guys willing to cause an upset.
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