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Default Re: ESB ATGs Muay Thai / KickBoxing fighters Thread

Originally Posted by boranbkk View Post
Hello Fellas.

Very surprised not to see any Sor Thanikul fighters on any of those lists:

Khomkiet Sor Thanikul x2
Phyapnoi Sor Thanikul
Sombat Sor Thanikul

To name but a few of a very long list of greats in their time.
(I've not got ant footage, I'm not too technichal).

Sor Thanikul was run by Thailand's biggest Mafia Don in the 80s and 90s Mr Khao Thanikul. He bought up alot of the biggest talent in that period and housed the Olympic amatuer training set up at the back of his compound which was the main camp for his army of Muay Thai fighters. He was also the number one promoter, Somchai who went on the become a huge promotor at army owned Lumpini after Mr Khoa's asssasination in the early 90s worked for him with his co promoting army generals (rumour has it responsible for his evetual assasinatioin in Samut Sakorn).

Speak to any Thai(even non boxing fan) about Sor Thanikul or "Mr Khao" in that period before it's eventual decline in the early 2000s and they'll tell you how that gym dominated the scene. Some great great fighters came out of that gym.

By the way if you remmeber the film Kickboxer, well the scene where Vandamme goes to a gym to get training and they laugh at him, that is Sor Thanikul and the small fat man that laughs is Ajarn Bung the head trainer.

Sorry about the essay but I was a bit surprised is all.
Great post the more info the better.

Boonlai Thanikul is the only one I really knew. he fought a lot of great fighter from that era it seems samrak,superlek,namkabuan,Jongsanan traded wins and losses with the best of them. A lot of his fights are on youtube.
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