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Default Re: ESB ATGs Muay Thai / KickBoxing fighters Thread

Originally Posted by yaca you View Post
Great post the more info the better.

Boonlai Thanikul is the only one I really knew. he fought a lot of great fighter from that era it seems samrak,superlek,namkabuan,Jongsanan traded wins and losses with the best of them. A lot of his fights are on youtube.
Thanks Yaca, I'll try and track those down on Youtube

Boonlai and Sombat where really the final era of Thanikul as a dominate Gym leaving a trail of greats over the two decades before them. Boonlai's brother was also pretty good in that final era.

A few later really good fighters did come out of the gym in the very late 90s early 2000s like Komkiet who always wore ladies lipstick into the ring until he got banned for taking a dive. He then opened up a little restaurant near the gym and his wife would make the best Kho Kaprow!!! Another notable at the end as we are on mainly a boxing forum was Saohin Srithai Condo, aka Saohin Sor Thanikul, aka Saohin N-Yoko. Not that famous but was a converted Muay Thai fighter who in his prime took Paulie Ayala 12 hard rounds and once he should have been long retired took an up and coming Jorge Linares 10 rounds with a detached retina.

The Gym was also loosely linked to Suwanchart Gym which has out survived Thaikul and has gone on to produce some notable standouts like Noppakhao Suwanchat a Rajadamnern Champion in his time.

As you guys seemed to like the stuff about Mr Khao and the background of the gym well there is an interesting bit of video out there if you can find it of the time a hand grenade was thrown ringside in the middle of a bout at either Lumpinee or Rajadamnern canít remember which in I think the late 80s, this was an assassination attempt on Mr. Khao (and they think Haye giving Chisora a few knuckle sandwiches is bad!!!)

One other little interesting silly fact about the gym. You know the first time you ever really see a Muay Thai fighter in a Hollywood movie was in Bloodsport with Vandamme. Well the Muay Thai fighter in that movie was a young Paulo Tocha and he learnt his stuff at Thanikul in the 80s. Hence the connection to Vandamme and Dennis Alexio for the movie Kickboxer. A bit of Muay Thai folk lore because those two movies inspired a whole generation of western Muay Thai fighters including me.

A bit of topic but I thought you guys would appreciate it.
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