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Default Re: ESB ATGs Muay Thai / KickBoxing fighters Thread

Originally Posted by donnie View Post
John Wayne Parr although a fantastic fighter in his day is on the decline right now so he is not p4p best non thai fighter like someone said.

In terms of all time great non thai fighters, id put rammon dekkers right up there. Along with gilbert balletine (if thats how you spell it). In the UK we have some poor fighters compared to the dutch and eastern europeans... ronnie green is the best we have ever produdced

As for kickboxing, as far as im aware benny the jet and dennis alexio (guy from kickboxer) are rated amongst the best...although im no expert and who gives a **** about kickboxing anyway its a dead sport.
Not only do you "not give a **** about kickboxing" but you also don't know **** about it either...Dekkers is not the best non thai fighter...Anyone who follows the sport closely would know that...He had alot of losses and always had trouble with tall opponents. He was one of the most entertaining with a great style through.

Lol Benny the Jet and Dennis Alexio? LOL nice joke bro! Try Hoost, Aerts and Semmy.

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