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Default Re: Updated Glass Jaw Rankings 2/26/12

Originally Posted by MetalMandible View Post
I love how anyone bringing up punch resistance just has to be "transparent trolling". I am sorry, but Glass Jaws Exist in MMA. It is a fact of fighting and always will be and if you do not care to discuss this aspect of fighting I would suggest you find a new forum to post on or you learn to discuss the topic intelligently because this is ESB and Chin Talk is what has made this the best forum for pugilism on the Internet.
No **** weak chins exist. Has anyone ever even argued against that? Are you going to go on a crusade trying to prove that knockout power exists, next? It's the listing of a beloved fighter that got knocked out by one of the heaviest handed people in the sport by a shot he couldn't have seen coming or anticipated as the worst chin in MMA that is just obvious trolling. Especially ranking him over guys that have been knocked out multiple times. It's too obvious, and while I appreciate that you are putting in the man hours trying to hone your troll skills, you just aren't particularly good at it yet.
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