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Default Re: The all things technical thread.

Originally Posted by DrMo View Post
He's got ability & clearly trains hard but he doesnt fight cleverly

He's naturally tall & rangy at the weight but never seems to get full extension on his punches & spends 90% of the time at close range.
That's a lot down to father's padwork, it seems very much based around Enzo C's padwork in terms of lots of punches but Joe had a lovely pattern which he took from music i believe. He'd tap tap then bang bang, a lot of fighters struggle to mix the power of there punches up.

Watching the padwork with Vince and Nathan it's clear to see why he doesn't punch hard it's so basic what he's doing wrong yet his father doesn't see it.

You get taught as a kid to turn the hip and turn knuckle over as you punch. The older you get and better trainers you work with they tell you to sit on shots a lil. He's doing absolutely none of the above. He actually does something a lot of amateur fighters do which is hop back in straight line and dangle front toe downwards.

His father doesn't move him around, he doesn't vary the shots he doesn't demand more he just cheerleads. Stan Johnson type padwork without the hat and without the savage fighter.
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