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Default Re: Rocky Marciano vs. Muhammad Ali

Originally Posted by kenny weldon
ROCKY MARCIANO stops Ali in five rounds or less .Ali could only throw punches of any significance while moving to his left . He stayed up over his left foot ninety percent of his fights .He was the worst fighter off the ropes than any champion of any kind in history . Marciano moved extremely well to his right,was hard to hit with a jab unless his opponent reached for him,while running into devestating right hands to the body and head both on the ropes and in the corners .Styles make fights and this one is one of the easiest in history to figure out,even for a knowledgable fan . COMMON SENSE FOLKS ! BUT THEN ,WHAT DOE'S COMMON SENSE HAVE TO DO WITH A BIASED BOXING FAN ?.....God bless.....kenny weldon...oh ,and you guys who think Marciano was too small ,forget it .This was an advantage with Ali ,who was made for Rocky ! Me not being an expert like battleing Burt Sugar may disqualify me though...
Well I'm not quite the trainer Kenny Weldon is, but I do beleive Ali was very skilled at throwing punches while moving backwards.
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