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Default Re: Updated Glass Jaw Rankings 2/26/12

Originally Posted by Delroc View Post
I was addressing the honorable mentions list more than the top ten.
Edgar has never been stopped but he has a glass chin? Even shogun has been stopped before and you say yourself his chin is iron. You're so angry in your posts It's almost comical, calm down brah you're not on some crusade here.
Edgar is hurt by nearly everything that lands on him. It is clear that he has a Glass Jaw and his recuperative abilities and Heart are the only things preventing him from being a complete Glass Jawed Joke. Shogun has never been stopped by strikes to the head. Jones hit him with everything but the kitchen sink and it took a liver punch to put him down and out. Not a Chin issue.

Lastly, I am not angry, at all. I am simply posting in a matter-of-fact tone and using blunt terms because there are people here who try and misrepresent my points and generally deny the existence of Glass Jaws in pugilistic sports. Speaking to someone like they are a moron is not an indication that I am angry, it is an indication of me thinking that the post is complete garbage.
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