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Default Re: The all things technical thread.

Originally Posted by brown bomber View Post
Philly Shell Q's

This is a tremendous breaksown and I love the roman guard ****ogy. My question is this- how do you deal with looping shots from the mayweather/toney/hopkins defence.... I can box a littloe out of this guard and my natural instinct is to roll .... what stops a persistant attacker?

Is it the counters alone? Surely eventually the attacker will begin to wear down the defender?

Why did Catilijo give mayweather so much trouble?

Basically I want to identify flaws in the style- before I use/teach it!
I personally believe the style has a psychological effect on the opponent. It's a sign of confidence which sometimes makes the opponent feel inferior. Early on if there punches aren't landing or just hitting arms it IMO breaks confidence. Also if used well as you say the counters can make the opponent weary of throwing which again falls back into the Psychological stuff.

Eubank although didn't adopt the roll was very good with his body language in the ring. He was the ring general to judges without really being the general in the ring at that time. His movements and his posture i believe helped him alot and it's same with Shoulder roll it gives off a air of calmness and superiority.

Flaws well it can be exposed if not set in stone, like all styles it has it's weaknesses if a fighter is willing to throw two's three's fours often for young fighters or fighters not perfectly trained using the roll they get caught and befuddled because it's hard to deal with and takes years. Early on i have no doubt with young fighters there would be more failure then success using the style but watching a football session last night with Ray Lewington he said something that struck a cord 'you gotta fail sometimes before you get better'. It's obviously a vastly more dangerous sport but with good coaching it can be made to work.

So Volume is one, Fighters mentally need to have a calmness and quick reactions. Volume was what undone Mitchell's shoulder roll against Katsidis as well as poorly placed hands and to aggressive.

I also believe fighters become a little to flat footed and rely on upperbody movement and don't use the backleg enough. The jab and right hand over shoulder is a difficult one as fighters get blinded by the jab and right hand sneaks over. Speed also troubles the style like others.

The important parts that get overlooked are the actually rolls away from punches and the leverage fighters get in there stance.
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