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Default Re: The all things technical thread.

Originally Posted by brown bomber View Post
Philly Shell Q's

This is a tremendous breaksown and I love the roman guard ****ogy. My question is this- how do you deal with looping shots from the mayweather/toney/hopkins defence.... I can box a littloe out of this guard and my natural instinct is to roll .... what stops a persistant attacker?

Is it the counters alone? Surely eventually the attacker will begin to wear down the defender?

Why did Catilijo give mayweather so much trouble?

Basically I want to identify flaws in the style- before I use/teach it!
I think the "Philly Shell" (we need a better name for it...) gets too much credit due to Floyd Mayweather. The basis of Floyd's success is more to do with how he implements it. I think his best defensive trait is his manipulation of angles. When he throws shots he puts himself in positions where his opponent can't counter from balanced positions. Even if somebody reads him and gets a shot off at him, it's rarely from a solid base. It's a myth that he relies on great reflexes. Sure his reflexes are good, but what flatters them is that Floyd is leading the dance, he is showing openings and then closing the door on them.

The first Castillo fight is a strange one. Whether it was to do with his broken hand or not, Mayweather certainly wasn't at his best. He got squared up a lot against the ropes, and at times he crossed the line between fighting off the back foot, and just running, which is unusual for him. Here's an example showing Mayweather absolutely square against the ropes and being caught, something you don't see very often with Floyd. Castillo gets his lead foot right down the middle and goes to work. Floyd, realising he has got himself into a bad position then gets his on his bike. GIFSoup

But I actually think it would be a boxer who could beat Floyd's shell, not a pressure fighter. A good boxer who can out position him, and draw his leads (that springing right hand for example) and then punish him. That said, I thought Marquez would be a tough night for him

Back to your question, speaking just about the Shell and not Mayweather, I think pressure and volume can overwhelm it, as can a great feinter but for me squaring the guy up cuts it wide open, more so than any other guard. It's the equivalent of flipping the turtle over and slicing into it's soft underbelly to use Hopkins terminology! If its defense was THAT good, you wouldn't be able to order turtle soup!
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