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Default Re: Training overhaul

Feeling great and smashed my PBs for DL, DB snatch and clean and presses while dropping a few pounds in bodyweight, and with no discernible decrease in conditioning (if anything my sprinting has improved too, although I just play it by ear, nothing too scientificaltastic, no heart-rate monitor, watch, nothing).

Also, got my first "superclean" 1 arm chinat a bodyweight of about 81 kg and doing controlled muscle-ups for fun. Oh aye, there's a hiking route I take which includes a 200 metre stretch that's virtually scrambling and I normally have to take a breather but yesterday I flew up it.

Smashing PBs at soon-to-be 40 and I'm a happy dude

Interestingly this has all happened since drastically decreasing what I'm shovelling down my gob

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