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is bringing ***y back.
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Default Re: [Only Euro] Your views on Povietkin vs Huck

Originally Posted by Vysotsky View Post
Well the WBA rule with the Regular and Super Titles is that they have to Unify within 18 months so Povetkin only has until next February, about 1 year. So assuming Rahman mandatory, Huckic rematch then maybe a bigger fight vs Chisora, Adamek, Haye or somebody but that would involved risk and i don't know how much faith his people have in him.

That said, we talking about the WBA who had N'jikam as Interm, Golovkin regular, and Sturm Super Champion and Sturm has made something like 5 voluntary defenses and has been allowed to avoid Gennady as was N'jikam for about 2 years so who knows. Povetkin is turning 33 this year if he doesnt step up and fight a Klychko then he never will and will miss out on that payday. Giving up the WBA regular title rather than face Volodymyr in a year just like he did with his IBF Mandatory staus wouldn't suprise me either.

Not to sound like a conspiracy theorist but i think it's likely that there are some "powers that be" in Russia behind Povetkin who are helping to influence his decisions because they don't want to see a "Great Russian" get brutally destroyed by a "Little Ukrainian"
You've done an excellent job of sounding like a conspiracy theorist.

Povetkin - what a waste. What a damn waste.
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